Why have bread & water when you could have tea & toast?

Hannah's Toast Box is a converted horse trailer from which I serve a choice of fresh, thick, chunky bread to be toasted with a variety of toppings. Along with fair trade teas and cold fruit cordials.

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Mobile Catering

The perfect new quirky way to cater for your event!

If you are looking to cater for a variety of tastes & dietary requirements then I can help. Hannah's Toast Box is self contained so can be brought to any event and supply a tasty easy snack or meal for all your guests. I cater for our vegetarian and vegan friends along with a gluten free option. It's the simple easy way to feed and please all your guests, as who doesn't like tea and toast? But wait, it gets better...

Fair Trade

Our beverages include fair trade breakfast, fruit and herbal teas. Cold fruit cordials. Coffee and Hot Chocolate.


We have a selection of vegan options.

Gluten Free

We serve six types of bread to toast including a gluten free option.

Our Services


We care for the planet.

So Hannah's Toast Box tries to be as green as possible using only 100% biodegradable cups, plates and napkins and wooden stirers. I also give all my remaining bread after every event to a local food bank as I can't stand to see waste!.
We now have amazing reusable travel mugs which we offer 50p off everytime you return for a drink with your Toast Box Mug :)

Corporate Events

The perfect new quirky way to cater for your event.

Hannah's Toast Box is the perfect new quirky way to cater for your event. Providing easy to eat food with minimal mess or hassle.


Amazingnesses festival food :)

Hannah's Toast Box is the food stall your missing :) it's the perfect festival food being able to be a snack or meal any time of the day. It's very reasonably priced tasty food that will easily fill tummys to allow festivalers to continue enjoying your amazing festival. I cater for almost everyone including our vegetarian and vegan friends along with a gluten free option.

The Dream

If you can dream it you can do it!

Hannah's toast box was a dream of mine 6 years ago and is now a reality :)

I wanted it to be a converted horse box to stay true to myself as horses have been a big part of my life to date.

As I am still to find that elusive money tree I had to work hard to save the money to complete my dream. I also completed all the unskilled labour myself, which I was and am still very proud of. The amazing skilled tradesmen that worked on it were all local, most being friends & family. Which meant a lot to me as has always been a very personal project and wanted that friendly feel the whole way right through to and including service.

I had the idea after attending festivals and realising the things you really want are those home comforts and I wanted to be able to provide something yummy and filling at an affordable price. I then spent a silly amount of time researching and taste testing so I could guarantee I'd provide you with the best scrummiest toast :)

From the completion point, which I was so excited about! Onto my 5 star hygiene rating! And now after 2 successful, exciting years I'm prouder than ever of my little Toast Box.

We now have a filling diary of events so will hopefully see you soon.

If you would like Hannah's Toast Box at your event please don't hesitate to contact me

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